Commercial Disputes

Commercial Disputes

Disputes can happen internationally, take care of them locally.

Eamon Jafari, Counsel, Law Office of Julian Davis

Eamon Jafari

Highly skilled in drafting complaints, answers, demurrers, interrogatories, declarations, pleadings, discovery motions, notices of removal, preliminary injunctions, pre-trial motions, and motions for summary judgment. Well-versed in conducting witness interviews, factual investigations, mediations, and arbitrations.

Significant experience in organizing, structuring, and drafting corporate and partnership documents, including partnership agreements, corporate bylaws, governing documents, and articles for filing with the state.

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Commercial Disputes

All businesses, whether located in the United States or abroad, are aware that commercial disputes can present an array of serious problems if not address timely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Commercial disputes have the potential to jeopardize profitability, reputation, and sometimes the very existence of a business. Our approach to commercial disputes is streamlined: quickly learn the cause and parameters of the dispute, work proactively with the client to develop a desired outcome and a strategy to achieve that outcome, and then execute on that strategy.